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7 Things Buyers Do That Secretly Drives Agents Bonkers

When it comes to buying a home, there’s one really important factor that us agents wish you knew: We have your best interest.

That’s right. Not only do we have a pretty good idea about the industry, but we also know the tricks of the trade. We are trained to handle every aspect of the home buying and selling progress, both professionally and ethically.

Every now and then, though, we get prospective buyers and sellers who give us “the run around.” Even though we’re the experts and know the market backwards and forwards, we still get a few prospects who just don’t get it.

So today, we want to point out seven things homebuyers do that secretly drive us agents absolutely bonkers


1. Call listing agents on your own

Yes we get it, this is a free country and you have the option to do a lot of stuff on your own, even if you shouldn’t. But, there’s a reason you hired a real estate agent. Us agents have the skills and expertise to get you what you want. If you’re interested in a property tell us and we’ll do the calling for you.


2.  “Shop around” other agents in town

We know you want the best agent, but even more-so, you want the best deal. Don’t lead us on in to believing we’re your agent when you have 3 other agents on the side. Each realtor has eyes to the same market as the others.


3. Ask the listing agent to show you a home when you have a buyers agent

The best thing to do when you have a buyers agent is to use them. Don’t call the listing agent to show you properties because your Realtor isn’t around. Showing a home to someone who is not a client is not the listing agents job.

The cold hard truth is that if your buyer’s agent can never accommodate your schedule, it may be time to find another agent. If your agent is going away for the weekend and you want to see a home that just came on the market, talk to your agent about having another Realtor from their firm fill in for them. After all, that’s what teams are for.


4. Ask to see properties without being pre-approved

It takes a lot of phone calls and a lot of miles to do what us Realtors do. Not only that, we hate to see potential buyers heartbroken when they’re not approved for the home of their dreams. Save yourself (and us) the heartache. Get pre-approved before asking to see property.


5. Lowballing

Before you make an offer on a home, agents do a considerable amount of research to determine what that offer should be. Part of this process will be looking at comparable sales – the prices of other homes sold recently that had similar characteristics. Trust that we know what we’re doing. Don’t lowball a seller.


6. Work with a buyers agent for months and then buy with someone else at an open house

Speaking of lowballing.. that’s totally how realtors feel when our buyers buy with someone else at an open house. Don’t do it.


7. Work with more than one agent

While you may think this is super convenient for you, it is not fair to either of the other parties involved. If this is something you plan on doing it should be discussed up front with both agents. Let them decide if they are comfortable with such an arrangement. The only time this is to be considered kosher is when you are looking in two different areas and have not decided on one yet.


We love to help people find homes

Like we said in the beginning, we have your best interest. We love helping people find homes and we love to help buyers get a good deal. Let’s start our relationship off by setting the right expectations about your home shopping experience. Contact our team of skilled realtors today. We are here to serve YOU.

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